Photo by  Michael Higgins

Based in Los Angeles, Frankie is a multidisciplinary artist who is happiest when on the road. With degrees in fine art and a career an art director, her photography isn’t about the single image but using many to tell a complex story. Seen together, they ask for critical analysis and the viewer should be be an active part of that dialogue. Her work is distinguished by keen observations of her surroundings and by her ongoing struggle with the medium of photography. “I expect more from a photograph. It’s a distinct medium with a history of fighting the art world to find its place. I prefer to embrace it for what it is. So attempts alter it and make pretty don’t interest me.” She delves deep into a project as she aims to show the world as she sees it and not as conventional images that support the myth of the American lifestyle. From villages in Myanmar to high-profile editorial sets, she effortlessly adapts to each environment using natural lighting and minimal editing.